Automatic Production Line Side Labeling Machine

Basic Use:

Can be installed on assembly line, labeling on side plane and cambered surface of flowing objects.

Optional inkjet machine to conveyor to print production date, batch number, and expiry date before or after labeling.

Technical parameters:

◆ Labeling accuracy (mm): ±1mm(errors caused by product and label are not concerned)

◆ Labeling speed (pcs / min):  Step:40~150pcs/min Servo:50~200pcs/min

◆ Applicable Product Diameter:No requirement.(Depend on assembly line convey parameter)

◆ Suitable label size(mm) :length : 10mm~250mm;Width:10mm~120mm

◆Applicable power supply:220V/50HZ

◆ Weight (kg): about 70kg

◆ Applicable standard roll Inner diameter (mm): φ76mm

◆ Applicable standard roll Outer diameter (mm): φ280mm

◆Power(W): 330W

◆ Device dimensions (mm) (L × W × H): about 800mm ×700mm ×1450mm

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