TK616A Semi Automatic Sealant Labeling Machine

Basic Use:

Applies specialized rolling-labeling way, special for double tube sealant package labeling.

Technical parameters:

◆ Labeling accuracy (mm): ±0.5mm(errors caused by product and label are not concerned)

◆ Labeling speed (pcs / min):15~25pcs/min(And the labeling speed set by the parameters)

◆ Applicable Product :400ml double tube sealant package

◆ Suitable label: standard label in double tube sealant industry.

◆Applicable power supply:220V/50HZ

◆ Weight (kg): about 41kg

◆ Applicable standard roll Inner diameter (mm): φ76mm

◆ Applicable standard roll Outer diameter (mm): φ300mm

◆Power (W): 810W

◆ Device dimensions (mm) (L × W × H): about 950mm × 780mm ×900mm


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