The development history of mounting technology

Since the reform and opening up, China’s manufacturing industry has developed rapidly and rapidly promoted the process of industrialization. The development of China’s manufacturing industry is closely related to the process of industrialization and the process of economic globalization. China has given full play to its comparative advantages and actively participated in the division of […]

Mobile phone shell accessories placement classification and advantages

In the third quarter of 2022, due to the continued downturn in the global economy, consumers’ demand for replacement phones will be suppressed, and global smartphone shipments will decline year-on-year for three consecutive quarters, with a decline of 9%, which is the same as in the second quarter. Samsung maintained its top spot in global […]

Advantages and characteristics of high-precision accessory placement machine

Football is a passion and love around the world, and technology is helping fans in creative ways to engage and express that emotion in ways we couldn’t have imagined just a few years ago. Mobile communication technology has appeared in this World Cup, providing strong support for the preparation and holding of the event, allowing […]

SMT mounting machine can achieve quality traceability in the production of 3C products

With the rapid development of the electronic market, the matching process, technology and manufacturing equipment have also greatly accelerated the pace of replacement. Smart electronic products have more and more functions, and the production process and requirements are also getting higher and higher. As we all know, electronic products are accompanied by our daily life. […]

How to adjust accuracy & speed of the mounting machine

To achieve high-precision placement, the placement machine must have a precise placement mechanism as the basis. The motion control system is the core part of the placement machine. To improve the production efficiency of the SMT mounting machine, the most direct and effective way is to optimize the core part of the SMT mounting equipment […]

Introduction of lithium battery pack for electric vehicles

Electric vehicle batteries(this article focuses on two wheeler batteries) are the source of power on electric vehicles. The battery drives the motor through the controller, converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, and drives the motor to rotate, so that the electric vehicle runs. The battery, controller, and motor form an electric vehicle power system. In the system, […]