Product characteristics

  • Used for sticking barley paper to the positive or negative electrode of cylindrical cells
  • Sticking effect: good consistency, firm paste, good-looking appearance
  • Control device: 7.5-inch touch screen, 2-axis stepper motor design, 42-point PLC programmer
  • Equipment commissioning is simple, easy to learn and understand, with fixed parameters, with manual operation and single-step running and automatic running programs
  • Using hopper feeding, 450-500PCS cells can be put in at one time, or it can be added gradually
  • The equipment has its own fault alarm, and the fault is cleared according to the prompts

Product parameters

  • Size: length 1420MM* width 950MM* height 1620MM
  • Weight: about 180KG
  • Power: 220V 50HZ, 1.5KW, 220V AC input
  • Air pressure: 0.4-0.8Mpa. When using the air source, there must be a filter device to ensure that the air flow is free of water and impurities.
  • Barley paper width: 100MM plus or minus 1MM, the inner diameter of the coil is 75MM, and the outer diameter is up to 350MM
  • Barley paper thickness: 0.1MM—0.3MM
  • Efficiency: 4000-5000PCS/hour
  • After-sales service: The whole machine is guaranteed for 2 years free of charge(free replacement of parts, if have to send someone, the buyer needs to bear the travel expenses)

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