Connection Machine

This device can complete different height machine at the customer site, and connect them online. The XYZ axis of this equipment is driven by a module; the mechanical part uses a servo motor to realize the connection between each position. The control part is composed of the HMI, a variety of sensors and PLC, from the drive mechanical part to achieve reliable sequential actions, to achieve continuous production, to ensure quality, to achieve higher economic efficiency, and to create benefits for the enterprise.


Product Parameters:
● Size: L700mm*W930mm*H1700mm
● Weight: 0.8T
● Efficiency:≥960UPH
● Scrap rate caused by machine: less than 0.01%
● Defect rate caused by machine: less than 0.5%
● Failure rate: less than 2%
● Operation: automatic operation of load/unload cell
● Control mode: automatic + manual
● Number of operators: 1 operator

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