spot welding machine

Product characteristics

  • Available for 18650/21650/26650/32650
  • Automatic welding, welding spot are even, good consistency, improve the qualification rate.
  • Different currents can be set for positive and negative electorde
  • Spot welding coordinates can use U disk to import parameters
  • The operating mechanism adopts servo motor with linear module for precise positioning
  • Automatic production quantity collection,show the current production efficiency

Product parameters

Power: 3800V 50HZ, 6.2KW

Air pressure: 0.4Mpa-0.8Mpa

Size: 1630mm*850mm*1630mm

Weight: 220kg

Maximum stroke: X axis 630mm, Y axis 360mm. To be customized for larger

Suitable for nickel sheet width: forming nickel sheet

Suitable for nickel sheet thickness: 0.1mm-0.3mm (0.21mm-0.3mm need to be slotted),

Production efficiency: 4000PCS-5000PCS/hour

Customizable automatic grinding needle function

Welding head power: servo motor

Standard welder: BT-8000A DC spot welding power source, quantity 2

After-sales service: The whole machine is guaranteed for 2 years free of charge(free replacement of parts, if have to send someone, the buyer needs to bear the travel expenses)

Other services: Complimentary 2 sets of welding fixtures

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