Standard Battery Cell Bending And Wrapping Machine

This device is specially used for surface inspection of battery appearance. The design mechanism is simplified, the failure rate is low, and the repeat positioning accuracy is high. It is quick and easy to place and take out the product, which can effectively ensure the production efficiency of the product. The device can work continuously for 24 hours. There are not many parts in each position, so installation and commissioning are quick and easy.

Product Parameters:
● Size: L580mm*W450mm*H1244mm
● Weight: 22kg
● Efficiency:>1000UPH
● Scrap rate caused by machine: 0
● Failure rate: less than 3%
● Operation: manual operation of load/unload cell
● Control mode: manual
● Number of operators: 1 operator
● Pasting accuracy: ±0.5mm

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