Tape Sticking & Wraping Machine

1、 Size: length 1100mm*width 930mm*height 1900mm

2、 Weight: about 0.9t;

3、 Machine efficiency: offline ≥950UPH, online ≥850UPH;

4、 Processable battery range: L 60~120mm, W40~85mm, T2~10mm;

5、 Range of processable tape: width 2~130mm

6、 Number of Operators: 1;

7 、Scrap rate of battery cells caused by equipment: below 0.01%;

8、 Machine failure rate: below 2%;

9、 The defective rate caused by the machine: controlled below 0.5%;

10、 Operation mode: automatic up/down cell operation;

11、 Control mode: automatic + manual;

12、 Surrounding environment requirements: no corrosive gas, low dust

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