Universal cylindrical battery module pack production line

Performance/Features:Mainly used for cylindrical battery modules, the number is 2-150 cells, the whole line includes cell feeding, cell code scanning, cell testing, highland barley paper sticking, cell sorting, polarity conversion, lower bracket material, laser coding on the lower bracket, scanning code on the bracket, entering the bracket, CCD polarity detection, feeding on the upper bracket, covering the bracket, bracket locking screw, nickel sheet cleaning, nickel sheet feeding, resistance/aluminum wire welding, nickel sheet folding Bending, BUSBAR welding, labeling, module testing, shell loading etc..

● Applicable specifications: 18650/21700/26650/32650
● Size: 20m*2m*2m
● Employees in the entire line: 6~15
● Model change time:2H
● Whole line efficiency:>4000pcs/h(according to requirement)

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